New Report on Pandemic Philanthropy Finds Emerging Interest in Health R&D Funding Among Chinese Donors

Since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreak, over $250 million in funding has been donated by Chinese private foundations and companies as well as philanthropists towards COVID-19 R&D-related initiatives. This includes funding for R&D around diagnostics, therapeutics as well as the coveted COVID-19 vaccine both within China and abroad.

This wave of private donations to medical research and development represents something new in the development of the philanthropic sector in China. For the first time China’s private sector is turning their charitable attention to scientific endeavors, recognizing the potential for such investments to have a transformative effect in stopping the pandemic and improving public health.

Pandemic Philanthropy: Exploring Chinese Donors’ Embrace of COVID-19 R&D Funding examines the following questions:

●What has been given and to whom?

●Have people in China noticed this trend? How have traditional and social media responded?

●How has the development of Chinese philanthropy laid the ground for the response seen during COVID-19?

●How does Chinese science and technology compare globally? Can China be the source of competitive R&D?

●How is this trend likely to develop as the pandemic continues? What will be the key factors that determine whether it lasts?

Download the full report here.