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Our Story

Why We Exist

We believe the Global Goals can be achieved and that China will play an increasingly significant role, given China’s already rapidly growing impact on global health and development.

China’s growth has also continued to accelerate since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet, significant challenges remain, such as insufficient expertise to address the rapid transition from aid-recipient to donor status, a “trust deficit” toward its medical systems and products, little media literacy around relevant issue areas, and cultural and language barriers separating China from the international community.

Bridge Consulting exists to bridge these gaps.

Who We Are

Located at the heart of downtown Beijing, we were founded in 2016 as a joint venture with Global Health Strategies (GHS), a New York-headquartered international consultancy. Bridge Consulting works with clients and partners to foster an enabling environment for China to connect and cooperate with the world to accelerate progress on global health and development.

“Bridging China and the global development community through impact-driven advocacy and communications.”

Our Team

Andre Shen

Founder & CEO

Rae Huang

Managing Director

Lily Peng

Associate Director

Alex Henderson

Senior Associate

Zoe Leung

Junior Associate

Tian Di


Marisa Lim

Junior Consultant

Christine Ow

Junior Consultant

Our Board of Directors

David Gold

Board Director

Linn Dorin

Board Director