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Our name is what we aspire to accomplish – it’s a reflection of our mission.

Bridge Beijing is a strategic communications firm that uses research, advocacy, and communication to address the challenges and opportunities global health and development partners encounter in China.

Our clients come from all across the development sector, ranging from global health international organizations, philanthropic foundations, academic institutions, local NGOs, to like-minded businesses and innovative enterprises. At the core of it, our clients are those who care for the global good, excelling in their sectors across health, agriculture, climate and more to drive forward impact. Our mission, together with them, is to bridge China and the world for equity in health and beyond.

Over the years, we’ve been known to facilitate partnerships that can help empower our clients to successfully navigate the critical issues they face in China. Based in Beijing, we have on-the-ground expertise and connections across media, academia, industry and the public sector, making us more than able to translate the vast complexity of China for our clients and vice versa. As our clients work to step up their international cooperation, we provide a pathway for them to meet the right partners both within and outside of China.

To do this, our approach has always been to leverage our deep issue knowledge and expertise in communications to help them reach informed decisions. We consider their problems from a strategic perspective, providing in-depth situation analyses and solutions. These can allow them to build awareness, shift perceptions and galvanize action towards their long-term goals.

Our ultimate goal is simple – ensure that our clients and partners achieve their respective strategic objectives through effective communication and cooperation with China.

Meet the Team

We are a group of passionate, dedicated and entrepreneurial minded professionals who are always looking for opportunities to make an impact on global health and development.

Andre Shen

Founder & CEO

Jeremy An

Vice President

Haoran Lyu

Vice President

Zoe Leung

Senior Associate

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