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We are your bridge into China

With global vision and local expertise, we act as a trusted advisor to non-Chinese organizations that operate or plan to operate in China. With experience in an array of service, organizations come to us regardless of if they’re only just starting to explore partnerships in China, or if they are ready to execute and communicate an existing strategy.

For these organizations, we provide them with the tools necessary to better understand China and its development-related sectors through briefs and readouts that can help them navigate the complex political and socioeconomic landscape. We help scout for engagement opportunities to help them develop relationships with their key stakeholders. And, we implement their ideas to help them achieve their long-term goals, whether it be as straightforward as registering a Chinese social media account, or as complex as building government relations.

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Over the years, we have worked with various global changemakers to deepen cooperation with China and collaborate on different research, analysis, and communications projects:

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