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Bridging  China  and  the  World

for  Equity  in  Health  and  Beyond

Bridging China and the World for Equity in Health and Beyond

Bridge Beijing

We exist to translate China for the global development communityand vice versa.

Bridge Beijing is a strategic communications firm that uses research, advocacy, and communication to address the challenges and opportunities global health and development partners encounter in China.

We empower our partners to build awareness, shift perceptions and galvanize action.

With our issue knowledge and expertise in communication, we help our clients develop effective partnerships and engagement strategies that can leverage China’s strengths and potential to address global challenges.

We care about the stories we can tell and the people we reach.

As China grows to become a global power, we want to find ways to tell China’s international development stories, to enable more informed discussions among media professionals, academics and influencers, and ensure China’s greater engagement for the sustainable development goals.